A Reason to be Excited: Cavalcade (1933)

It has finally happened! After years of waiting, and waiting, and waiting, there is reason to celebrate. Being released on blu-ray through Olive Films on August 6th, 2013, is the Best Picture winning drama, “Cavalcade.” At this moment, “Cavalcade” is the only Best Picture winner to have never been released on DVD or blu-ray in Region 1. Cavalcade (1933)That makes this a historic event, as this film can finally be seen and appreciated once again by the general public.

“Cavalcade,” directed by Frank Lloyd, is based on the play of the same name by the legendary Noel Coward, and centers on the lives of an upper-class English couple, from New Years Eve 1899, up through 1933. The film showcases many historic events that took place during that time, and shows how these events affected the people of the world.

In addition to winning Best Picture, “Cavalcade” was also nominated for three other Academy Awards in 1933. (That’s fairly impressive because it was only eligible for eight categories back then.) Frank Lloyd won the award for Best Director, and William S. Darling won for Best Art Direction. Diana Wynyard was nominated for Best Actress, but lost to the young up and comer, Katharine Hepburn in “Stage Door” (1933).

0 thoughts on “A Reason to be Excited: Cavalcade (1933)

    • Paul says:

      I’m glad to hear that someone else is excited about this one. It has bothered me for years that I couldn’t see a Best Picture winner, and now a quiet peace has come over me.


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