New Release Round Up!

New Releases on blu-ray and DVD for Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

We have another week of lack-luster releases, as all those less than great films that came out in the slow months of the year are finally making their way to DVD and blu-ray. Although not many great films to see, at least we have some new choices, right?

    • “Spring Breakers” Spring Breakers (2012)(2013): This film directed by Harmony Korine, revolves around a group of four college girls (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Bensen & Rachel Korine) who decide to steal money in order to go enjoy “spring break.” Once there, they grab the attention of a local gangster (James Franco) and become members of his drug-dealing lifestyle.

    • “The Life of Oharu” The Life of Oharu (1952)(1952): Painful, saddening, unforgettable and brilliant. This film from director Kenji Mizoguchi is deeply haunting to watch, as the events of an older prostitute’s life are recounted and reflected upon. The tale is not an uplifting one, but has an extremely personal feel, as Mizoguchi dealt with many of these themes in his own life. It is a film that should not be missed, and is being inducted into The Criterion Collection this week.

    • “Dead Man Down”Dead Man Down (2013) (2013): This crime film revolves around a violent man (Colin Farrell) who has infiltrated a criminal organization run by a ruthless killer (Terrence Howard), in order to extract revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter. He is contacted by a woman (Noomi Rapace) who at first pretends to be his friend before revealing that she has a video of him killing a man, and she threatens to take it to the police unless he kills the man who disfigured her in a car accident. The film is plagued by plot twists and unoriginal ideas, but at least the acting keeps things entertaining.

    • “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing”Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955) (1955): This Best Pictured nominated drama-romance film is about a man (William Holden) who falls in love with a Eurasian woman (Jennifer Jones) just prior to the Korean War. Directed by the great Henry King (“The Gunfighter”), “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” is a well made, well acted film that deals with major events of its day.
    • “Admission” Admission (2013)(2013): An admissions officer at Princeton (Tina Fey) is confronted by a former college classmate (Paul Rudd) who works at an “alternative” high school. He presents her with a young prodigy (Michael Sheen) who is both off the wall and brilliant, and oh yeah, might also be her son.

0 thoughts on “New Release Round Up!

  1. Teddy says:

    The only interesting film on the list is Spring Breakers, and I hated it. I read your past review of Oharu and how sad it is that her dreams kept being halted, so it might be more up my alley.


    • Paul says:

      I thought about “Spring Breakers”, but honestly, if you hated it, I am sure I would too. I’m interested to see how you enjoy “The Life of Oharu”.


  2. R.A. Kerr says:

    I bet “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” looks marvelous in the new DVD/Blu-ray edition. I’m not a big fan of the mid-1950s melodrama, but the cinematography and on-location scenery is always terrific.


    • Paul says:

      I’m not a huge fan myself, but there are a couple of aspects (cinematography & acting) that raise the overall quality to a higher level.


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