Turbo (2013)- David Soren



How frustrating would it be to live as a slow-moving snail? Day after day, never moving with any urgency, fully accepting that this, my friends, is as good as it gets. Heck, these poor guys actually sit watching their friends and family get picked up by crows and run over by a violent toddler on his Big Wheel. Turbo (2013)Enter the lovable Theo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds). He refuses to settle into this extremely mundane situation, as he dreams of one day being a famous racer. Theo’s older brother, Chet (voiced by Paul Giamatti), however, does things the “normal” way. He has fully accepted his place in the world, and desperately wishes his brother would do the same.

That’s when the miracle happens. Theo goes for a soul-searching walk (I mean skudge) and ends up over a freeway, staring down as the world zooms past him. While day-dreaming about speed, he is sent falling to the ground below, where he ends up sitting on the hood of a hot-rod street racer about to begin a drag race. Turbo (2013)Theo enjoys the high-speed journey to the fullest until he is sucked into the engine, nearly killing him, but instead filling his body with nitrous-oxide, and then spitting him to the ground.

When he awakens in the morning, Theo discovers that he has gained the power of speed whenever his heart races. Coincidently, he and Chet are caught by a human named Tito (voiced by Michael Pena), who partakes in snail racing, along with the other occupants of the strip mall where he and his brother (voiced by Luis Guzman) run an unsuccsessful taco shop.

After Theo (who now only answers to “Turbo”) lets his talent be known, Tito begins to see an answer to the problem facing everyone in the struggling strip mall- the Indianapolis 500. Turbo (2013)Tito borrows money from all of his friends, and they take off to enter Turbo in the greatest racing competition of the year. Naturally, Turbo brings his new-found racing snail friends along for the ride, adding plenty of humor at every turn.

I don’t think it’s possible to have a plot for a film be more unrealistic. Forget about the talking animals which we expect in all family films, but how on earth did this snail become allowed to race in the Indy 500? It just doesn’t make any sense- and you know what? I don’t care in the slightest. “Turbo” is an extremely fun film that has been created with the sole purpose of making the audience smile…. and they succeeded. What makes it so enjoyable? The extensive list of highly entertaining characters, of course. Yes, the majority of the film is dominated by Turbo and has brother, but then you have the supporting actors (and snails) who add plenty of humor and excitement. Turbo (2013)It is one of the greatest voice casts I’ve ever seen in an animated film. Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Maya Rudolph, Ben Schwartz and Michael Bell play the dare-devil racing snails who befriend Turbo, and Michelle Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins and Ken Jeong are the shop owners of the strip mall. (Ken Jeong, in particular, is hysterical as a short Asian nail saloon owner.) And if that isn’t enough, Bill Hader shows up to be the dreaded villain, Guy Gagne- racing legend. Seriously, these guys are too much fun for words- well almost.

Many animated films come out every year; some you know will be good, others you hope will be good. “Turbo” was in the “hope” category, but it fully delivered and delighted. Now we just have to wait for the sequel!


0 thoughts on “Turbo (2013)- David Soren

  1. R.A. Kerr says:

    Samuel L. Jackson is in this too? SOLD! So glad to hear you liked it — I feared you might have found it to be a Big Disappointment. But if you liked it, I know my husband & I will too.


    • Paul says:

      I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one this much, but it had everything needed to make a wonderful family film. I wish everyone else felt the same way I did, but apparently, based on the box office totals, audiences couldn’t identify with Turbo and his gang of fast-moving snails.


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