My Love Came Back 1940

My Love Came Back (1940)- Curtis Bernhardt


“My Love Come Back” (1940) is a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, made fun by a charismatic star captivating her audience. The plot is basic, as each scene leads right into the next with plenty of coiencedences and few (if any), surprises.My Love Came Back 1940 Oddly enough the downfalls of the picture are forgettable as Olivia de Havilland so easily tranforms a below average script and story into a fun, breezy film, that although may lack in out-loud laughter, certainly has plenty of smiles and grins. The plot, as I stated is quite simple. Poor struggling classical violinist Amelia (Olivia de Havilland) is considering leaving her music conservatory because she needs money and her good-hearted friends (Jane Wyman & Eddie Albert) have put together a jazz band, that with her on board could make plenty of money for her to be comfortable. Julius Malette (Charles Winninger) is a wealthy music-loving man, who decides to sit as president of her conservatory, not for his love of the arts, but because, despite a significant age difference (not to mention a wife), he is attracted to Amelia. When he discovers that she is leaving, he begins sending her money annonomously disguised as a scholarship. He also starts sending her musical gifts, and taking her out on the town to concerts, My Love Came Back 1940operas, and even the circus… you know, to improve her appreciation of music. One night, Julius is reminded by his wife (the always entertaining Spring Byington) that it is their anniversary. He calls upon the vice president of his company (Jeffrey Lynn), and requests that he meet Amelia instead. Of course the two quickly hit things off, but he (wrongly) assumes that Amelia is already Julius’s mistress, thus leading to a series of misunderstandings and confusion amongst friends, family members and pretty much everybody in the film. Despite a running time of 81 minutes, “My Love Came Back” could be shorted up into the length of a tv sitcom. Every major and most of the minor plot points are regrettably frustrating and overly ridiculous. de Havilland however, still comes riding in to save the day. She is the bright shinning light that not just makes the movie watchable, but makes it enjoyable. Her eyes glisten and her smile sparkles making even the dullest scenes once again fun. Every scene that lacks her presence, is dark and dreary, but then Olivia comes gliding in once again, and the audience has a chance to take a deep breath and smile. Even the supporting cast seems to be sad when she isn’t there.My Love Came Back 1940 S.Z. Sakall (who is always funny), Jeffrey Lynn and Charles Winninger all have scenes without de Havilland, but even they seem to be in a rush to get through them and move on. It really is too bad she couldn’t be in every scene! I know it sounds weird to say, but there are few actresses who could take a film such as this and elevate it to, not just something tolerable, but something fun and amusing. Then again, there are few women like Olivia de Havilland, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.