The Heat (2013)- Paul Feig



There is no end to the different “buddy cop” movies out there, but for “The Heat” (2013), Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have reinvented the genre, making it fun and entertaining once again. The Heat (2013)FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is highly educated, meticulous, professional and a royal pain to everyone around her. Her boss (Demian Bichir) sends her to Boston, alone, in order to question some low-level drug dealer, in hopes of gaining information towards a highly secretive drug lord.

In Boston, Ashburn clashes with the gruff and abrasive Detective Mullins (McCarthy), who already has the suspect in custody on a different charge. Although Ashburn tries to pull rank and get rid of Mullins, her boss implores her to attempt to work together, to which she agrees, in order to help secure a much desired promotion.

Yes, I know that this sounds like every other “buddy cop” movie in existence, and in many ways it is. The Heat (2013)There is nothing original about the story, the idea, or the numerous holes that invade each and every moment of the plot. Quite honestly, the one thing that separates “The Heat” from every other film in this genre is that the stars are women. Bullock and McCarthy are unbelievably funny, keeping the entire focus of the film on the laughs, instead of the story. Bullock has always been a talented comedic actress, but with the hugely talented McCarthy at her side, she is able to stand back out of the limelight and let the picture’s focus stay on their undeniable chemistry.

Truth be told, McCarthy steals this film, just like she always seems to do.The Heat (2013) Her comic timing is perfect, and the profanely uninhibited dialogue works to keep the audience on guard, waiting for the next highly offensive (and immensely entertaining) line. There is no telling what she will say next, and while waiting for the next bout of laughter, the audience seems to forget that the story has become almost non-existent. Director Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”) has carefully pieced this film together to be a comedy film filled with one-liners, instead of an action film that requires explosions or scenes of combat. Because of this, he has succeeded in making a film that even though it is plagued by faults, still manages to entertain and amuse.