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There is no end to the different “buddy cop” movies out there, but for “The Heat” (2013), Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have reinvented the genre, making it fun and entertaining once again. The Heat (2013)FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is highly educated, meticulous, professional and a royal pain to everyone around her. Her boss (Demian Bichir) sends her to Boston, alone, in order to question some low-level drug dealer, in hopes of gaining information towards a highly secretive drug lord.

In Boston, Ashburn clashes with the gruff and abrasive Detective Mullins (McCarthy), who already has the suspect in custody on a different charge. Although Ashburn tries to pull rank and get rid of Mullins, her boss implores her to attempt to work together, to which she agrees, in order to help secure a much desired promotion.

Yes, I know that this sounds like every other “buddy cop” movie in existence, and in many ways it is. The Heat (2013)There is nothing original about the story, the idea, or the numerous holes that invade each and every moment of the plot. Quite honestly, the one thing that separates “The Heat” from every other film in this genre is that the stars are women. Bullock and McCarthy are unbelievably funny, keeping the entire focus of the film on the laughs, instead of the story. Bullock has always been a talented comedic actress, but with the hugely talented McCarthy at her side, she is able to stand back out of the limelight and let the picture’s focus stay on their undeniable chemistry.

Truth be told, McCarthy steals this film, just like she always seems to do.The Heat (2013) Her comic timing is perfect, and the profanely uninhibited dialogue works to keep the audience on guard, waiting for the next highly offensive (and immensely entertaining) line. There is no telling what she will say next, and while waiting for the next bout of laughter, the audience seems to forget that the story has become almost non-existent. Director Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”) has carefully pieced this film together to be a comedy film filled with one-liners, instead of an action film that requires explosions or scenes of combat. Because of this, he has succeeded in making a film that even though it is plagued by faults, still manages to entertain and amuse.

Escape to the Theaters This Weekend!

Movies Opening in Theaters June 28th, 2013


It seems that no matter what you’re looking to see this weekend, it is out there. Comedy, action, vampires, and even Jason Statham doing something that looks amazingly similar to acting!The Heat (2013) Throw into the mix hold over movies, with zombies for the adults (“World War Z”), monsters for the kids (“Monsters University”) and comic book action for the teens (Superman’s “Man of Steel”), and this is sure to be another record breaking weekend. If you’re thinking about catching any of these films, don’t wait too long because next Wednesday, July 3rd, we’re getting some more big releases in the likes of “The Lone Ranger” (2013) and “Despicable Me 2” (2013).

  • “White House Down” (2013) Rated PG-13, 131 minutes: White House Down (2013)As soon as the first preview for “White House Down” was released, with the words from the director of “Independance Day”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012” (Roland Emmerich), everyone instantly knew that this film would be an action-packed extravaganza. If nothing else, it promises to be full of explosions and adventure. The story follows a Police officer (Channing Tatum), who after being rejected by the Secret Service, ends up trapped in the White House when it is taken over by a terrorist group (headed by Jason Clarke). While searching for his daughter (Joey King), he recovers the President (Jamie Foxx), and together they attempt to take back the White House. This film also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods and Richard Jenkins.
  • “The Heat” (2013) Rated R, 117 minutes:The Heat (2013) An uptight, disliked FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) teams with a loud-mouth Boston Police Detective (Melissa McCarthy) to stop a mobster. This action/comedy film from director Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”) promises to be an entertaining romp, despite the somewhat familiar plot. The R rating also promises to keep that adult sense of humor that made “Bridesmaids” so funny. “The Heat” also stars Michael Rapaport, Marlon Wayans and Demian Bichir.

And with a limited release this weekend:

  • “I’m So Excited” (2013) Rated R, 90 minutes: I'm So Excited (2013)Director Pedro Almodovar (“Volver”, “All About My Mother”, “Talk to Her”) has managed to make some very thought-provoking and memorable films in his career, but his latest film, “I’m So Excited,” appears to go into uncharted territories in his acclaimed career. In this comedy, a flight heading to Mexico City experience some technical failure, and while trying to find a way to land, the passengers, pilots and crew attempt to forget the problem at hand.
  • “Redemption” (2013) Rated R, 100 minutes: Redemption (2013)Also known as “Hummingbird” or “Crazy Joe” in other countries, “Redemption” stars Jason Statham as an ex-Royal Marine, who is now a homeless man living on the streets of London. When the opportunity arises for him to assume the identity of another man, he grabs on, catapulting him into the darker side of London’s criminal underworld. When his girlfriend ends up dead, he risks everything in order to achieve redemption for his life.
    • “Byzantium” (2013) Rated R, 118 minutes:Byzantium (2013) From director Neil Jordan (“The Crying Game”, “Interview with the Vampire”) comes this story of a mother-daughter team of vampires (Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan), and their struggle to maintain their dark secret after the forever sixteen-year-old becomes infatuated with a young man.

Anything here worth seeing?